Monday, April 1, 2013

Austrailian Speaker

Today for class, an Austrailian speaker shared information about studying abroad with us. I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say and thought it was a nice experience.  He answered many questions about Austrailia and the differences between the United States and there.  I has no idea that minimum wage there is double what it is here! That makes me want to move to Austrailia! However, he then shared that everything there is more expensive than it is here. Overall, I enjoyed his presentation  and thought  it was a nice change to have a speaker for the class. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Fish

We were assigned to read this poem for homework and it was the poem my group recieved in class to analyze.  I enjoyed reading this poem and thought it was interesting. At first, you think the poem is simply about a fisherman catching a fish and eventually throwing it back.  However, the poem has a much deeper meaning.  It actually is about a fisherman who catches a fish and realizes that the fish has been caught many times as the poem goes on to explain in great detail the lines and hooks going though the fish's lip.  The fisherman understands that this fish he has caught has been through a lot. He throws the fish back because, in a way, he respects the fish. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I enjoyed reading the poems and I also like the group work we did in class concerning the poems.  Refreshing our memories by making a list of all the different things involving poems on the board was nice.  It helped me to remember all the componenets of poetry before we started discussing them. I also enjoyed having a group and one poem to pick apart a piece than discussing them with each other in class and figuring out there meanings.  The video at the end for one of the poems was very interesting and helped me to further understand the meaning of that poem.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peer Reviews

I feel that the peer reviews we do in class before a paper is due are very helpful.  It helps a lot to have other people read your paper and give their advise.  Other people can see and point out the grammatical errors and structure problems within a paper.  It is a very helpful process that most definitely helps to improve a paper.  I also think it is nice to recieve a 100 quiz grade when we attend class on the days of peer reviews.  I feel that it stresses the importance of recieving peer reviews.  Overall, I enjoy the process and think it is helpful. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Glass Menagerie Paper

I decided to go with doing a character analysis for my paper.  The character I chose is Amanda because I feel that she is the most interesting.  Although she is extremely annoying, she is that way for a reason.  I feel that she is the way she is because she lived her teenage years being wanted by everyone, mostly men, and in her older years she becomes abandoned by her husband and left on her own to raise two children.  Obviously no women would be happy about something like this happening. I think this explains why she is so pushy and annoying with her son.  She wants him to be successful and take care of her and her daughter.  She also would like for him to find his sister a nice gentlemen to take care of her.  Overall, she is annoying simply because she wants the best for her children but in the end she pushes her son away and ends up alone with laura. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Glass Menagerie

We are currently watching The Glass Menagerie in class.  I actually kind of like this movie even though it is a little boring.  It is about a mother living in an apartment with her two adult chidren. She has one son and one daughter.  The mother is extremely annoying and is always nagging about something.  The son seems miserble and is trying to find anyway to get away from his mother.  The daughter is somewhat handicap but very sweet. In the movie, the mother wants her son to find a man for his sister.  He eventually does this and they have the man over for dinner.  The man and the daughter have somewhat of a romamtic moment when they kiss.  However, it turned out the man was engaged to be married.  I'm excited to find out what happens next!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Good Man is Hard to Find

In this story there was a lot going on and it was a little difficult to follow.  I feel like I say that about all of the story's we read but it is true.  I usually do not completely understand the story's until our class discussions.  In this story, a family decides to go on a vacation and the crazy grandma is completely agianst it and nags the entire time.  On the way to there destination, the grandma tells everyone she knows about an interesting place they should visit on the way there.  Eventually they discover they are going the wrong way and this place the grandmother spoke of was actually in a different state.  In the end, the whole familyis murdered. Very intense ending.  However, throughout the story the grandmother is very fake. in the end, when she knows her life is coming to an end, she changes.